Auditing & Packing of Containers

Auditing and Packing of Export Containers

In certain instances clients’ require a neutral Third Party to Audit the unpacking of containers. SNP Logistics provides this service by checking all the contents in detail against the Packing List to ensure the correct quantities ordered have been shipped and that they are in an acceptable condition.

Should any exceptions be recorded the client will be advised immediately and any damaged goods will be placed in quarantine for inspection by the client.

  • SNP Logistics also packs export containers for clients on request, this all-inclusive service includes:
  • Order and placement of container for packing
  • Packaging and lashing equipment required based on product type
  • Packing of container with photographs to give you peace of mind that goods will be transported securely
  • Transport to Port
  • Handover of Packing List to Forwarding Agent