Dangerous Goods Distribution

SNP Logistics offers a diversified dangerous goods transportation (DGR) service to its clients that is focused on, but certainly not limited to the movement of hazardous goods.

The transportation of hazardous goods or hazardous waste is a specialised service, one that requires a niche understanding in the legalities, human skills, accreditation and safety measures involved.

We are proudly one of the few service providers in the market that can offer a truly holistic Hazchem transportation service, including:

  • Truck Rental
  • Long Distance Transport
  • Distribution
  • Break Bulk, Abnormal Loads, Cross Border
  • Hazmat Logistics™ are able to assist laboratories in the transport of biological consignments throughout all four phases of a clinical trial. Whether the consignment must be kept at a controlled temperature or is of a time critical nature, we are able to offer a service that ensures goods arrive in optimum condition and produce the most accurate test results. We have been involved in screening, treatment, prevention, diagnostic and quality of life trials.
  • Since the recent upgrade in transport category of infectious substances under the European International ADR Road Transportation Agreement, it is now a legal requirement that a trained driver and vehicle bearing placards with relevant transport documentation, is used during collection and delivery. Hazmat Logistics™ are able to provide such specialised road transportation, whether its overnight, same day or into continental Europe.
  • Hazmat Logistics™ are able to distinguish on behalf of our customer’s when a sample containing a biological substance, can be classified and shipped as a ‘diagnostic’ or ‘clinical’ specimen under the newly changed criteria recently published. Please feel free to contact one of our advisors should you need require any further advice.
  • Hazmat Logistics™ have extensive experience dealing within the complex oil, gas and petrochemical industries, and have built partnerships with well-known companies through our hard work and determination. In doing so, we ensure that their transport requirements have been met without breach of legislation and at the same time, upholding their good reputation within the marketplace.
  • To accommodate every type of customer, it is important that we aim to provide a cost effective service for shipping low-value pressurised cylinders, such as Fire Extinguishers and various Compressed Gases that may be used for detection or construction purposes. Hazmat Logistics™ are also familiar with the shipping formalities involved when dealing with what are normally known as ‘inert’ gases, such as Neon, Argon, Helium and Krypton gas. These gases are always treated with extra caution and diligence due to their rarity and high value.
  • We are always available to offer our customers advice necessary to ensure the smooth, seamless transportation of their consignments. Whether it’s a small biological sample or a large quantity of highly flammable liquid that needs shipping, we aim to make the process as simple and as easy as possible. It is common that a laboratory scientist or site technician may know their product but have little awareness of the transport regulations that govern transportation; therefore it is common practice that they may contact us for advice or specific shipping information. Dealing closely with laboratory technicians at refineries has given us a good understanding of the lengthy processes and procedures involved in the testing, inspection and analysis of substances.
  • Highly volatile and toxic gases that are normally forbidden for air transport are normally carried via our express road service, or via sea-freight in line with the requirements of IMO and IMDG.
  • Hazmat Logistics™ currently operates on a 24 hours a day basis, which allows us to collect and deliver urgent aircraft spares throughout the world, around the clock. Shipments of this nature commonly consist of aircraft spares such as Life Rafts/Jackets, Aircraft Escape Slides, Fire Extinguishers, Aircraft Wheels and Explosive Cartridge Power Devices for grounded aircraft.
  • Dangerous goods are used extensively throughout all industries globally, from food – to paint, from medical – to fuel, from chemical – to pharmaceutical. Production lines are costly when their operation is halted for any reason, therefore, Hazmat Logistics™ will deliver urgent consignments to production lines worldwide on a ‘just-in-time’ basis, to ensure these lines are not delayed furthermore creating a financial implication upon the recipient.